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The temptation of her Milfshake brought me to her yard's been a week and the awesome taste of the Bethshake still remains! It's always a joy to find that someone who appears to be honest, intelligent and funny through social media is even more so in real life. I had a wonderfully fantastic time with Beth, who made me feel nothing but warm and welcome and able to just be myself. She's seriously made me re-consider my self-imposed break from Scarlet Blue services! Thanks again for a lovely genuine time Beth and I can't recommend rushing out to see her as fast as you can.


It’s very easy to write a review for Beth as everything about our time together exceeded my expectations: she is extraordinarily beautiful, she is funny, quick-witted, comfortable meandering across a wide range of conversational topics, has the most amazing body and very much the bombshell between the sheets - in short everything her profile says and so much more. But this really does not do her justice. The impact she has on how you feel about yourself, how connected and how present you are, goes way beyond this. And for that I will be forever in her debt. 

Thank you


Wow! I am speechless. Miss Monroe is a superb companion and my only recommendation is to schedule as long a time with her as you can. Our one hour meeting was fabulous, but too short to even scratch the surface of this lovely lady and quality human being. Her photos are accurate (with the usual caveat that there is no substitute for meeting in person) and her profile is authentic. This morning will stay with me for a long time